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Re: Re: PSK, what is BPSK? Fourier escapes me at the moment.

Hello laura!

11 Sep 00 20:50, you wrote to All:

 >> For Linux I guess there's GNU source code for stuff like the
 >> G3RUH modem. Is this part of one of the standard Redhat or
 >> Slackware releases, or is it available elsewhere?
 lh> The sound modem support is part of all standard distributions,
 lh> as far as I know. It's certainly part of Slackware. The support
 lh> is fully integrated - when you make config it asks if you want
 lh> KISS, Baycom, soundmodem, etc. See the AX25-HOWTO file for
 lh> further information.

It's been part of the kernel for some time (over 2 years).

 lh> The world has changed. A lot - that Analog Devices board
 lh> has 33 MIPS for the less than $US100 they want for it.
 lh> And it comes with all the goodies to take advantage of those
 lh> 33 MIPS.
 lh> I think you'll like the new world.

Well, I'm interested already. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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