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Re: Need Recommendation for 2M Amp

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Jim Walls wrote:

> Avoid TE Systems like the plague!  I am one of the technical guys for a 13
> repeater network on 220 in southern California, southern Nevada, and western
> Arizona.  We have about a dozen TE systems repeater amps and have had a 100%
> failure rate on them.

I respect Jim's assessment.  But...
Of course REPEATER service is a VERY demanding application.  And the
slightest problem with cooling fans, air flow, heaters and A/C can quite
often take out any brand of AMP that is not built for 100% commercial
service.  It does not surprise me that in that service and using
amateur-priced amps, that there will be problems.  A real-commercial amp
woudl cost $5000 instead of the $350 you are paying for  TE amp.

 I have had 4 that have been totally neglected on our roof in a leaky
open-to-the air box.  They get wet and have worked well for over 10 years.
Yes, two failed, but both because of my lash-up installation, not
because of the design.  One due to water inside the AMP and the other due
to wasps and spider nests and crud getting inside, again, all our fault
We fixed them ourselves.  NEver even considered sending them back, since
problemw were due to us.

Just another data point.  Problem was that we could find no other vendor
of a UHF amp with built in switched Preamp...  It works fine for us.
We were happy to find a source in TE systems since Mirage went out of


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