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Small dish TV questions

The message apparently never got posted for some reason, so I'm resending

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From: Frank Grossman <fgrossma@idt.net>
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Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2000 1:40 PM
Subject: Small dish TV questions

> A bit off topic, but I think the knowledgeable people are here...
> A buddy of mine wants to subscribe to one of the DSS TV
> systems currently available.  He wishes to
> install the dish in his attic, rather than outside, and wants to know
> whether this is feasible.  It sounds reasonable to me because the roof
> the attic is wood, with cement shingles.  I know that at H.F. and VHF ham
> frequencies this roof would offer little if any attenuation, but how about
> at the frequencies used by the satellite systems?
> Also, he understands that these systems do not provide all local channels,
> even though the law has changed so they are permitted to do so.
> Consequently, he would like to put his conventional TV antenna in the
> too, and send the signal down the same coax.  Again, I know hams feed
> multiple H.F. dipoles through one coax, but this sounds more problematic
> satellite TV frequencies where I assume minimizing loss in the feedline is
> an issue, among other things.  The issue may be whether downconversion to
> VHF-TV frequencies occurs at the dish, or at the TV set top.  If the
> downconverter is at the dish, I believe anything that would work with
> conventional TV would work with the satellite system, as long as you do it
> after the downconverter.
> If downconversion occurs at the set top, rather than at the antenna
> location, what kind of feedline is used to bring the signal down.  9913?
> Hardline?  How difficult is it to install?
> Thanks!
> Frank
> wb2bxo@amsat.org

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