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Re: Need Recommendation for 2M Amp

greg NoT a PhD wrote:

> check into "TE systems"

Avoid TE Systems like the plague!  I am one of the technical guys for a 13
repeater network on 220 in southern California, southern Nevada, and western
Arizona.  We have about a dozen TE systems repeater amps and have had a 100%
failure rate on them.  Factory service has been absolutely dismal.  For
example we finally gave up on them when 11 months after returning two amps
for warrantee service, and not getting them to fix them, we finally drove
over to their facility to pick them up (unfixed).  When I got there, they
said they could only find one of them.  It was still in the unopened box we
had shipped it to them in.  Upon opening the box, we found out why they could
not find the second amp - it was still in the same un-opened box.  In other
words, in 11 months they had not even opened the box - despite repeated
promises to get it fixed.  We took some of the amps to an RF engineer and he
reported that the electrical design was right out a Motorola Ap-Note.  Other
than driving the transistors rather hard, the electrical design was fine.
The thermal design was terrible.  The result was that the transistors cooked
while the heat sink never got even warm.

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