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RE: Re: PSK, what is BPSK? Fourier escapes me at the moment.

> No TNC has a "few" transistors. They have many thousands.
> There is also the issue of component availability: they
> just don't make the parts for G3RUH modems any more. So
> you either do it in DSP, or you don't do it at all.

Indeed.  Also, software implementations are easier to distribute and make
popular, one of the reasons PSK31 has a good following in a relatively short
time.  What would be good is some development environment that makes it
easier to program DSP applications on the shack PC.  I'd dust off my notes
and learn a new language to be part, if there was a suitable PC DSP SDK for
Linux or Windows available cheaply/open source.

One of my problems with packet and other new modes has been to get around to
obtaining the hardware, and in the past, when I was at uni, the problem was
the cost of hardware (a problem which is much less significant nowadays).

I'm looking forward to new DSP apps, and would drool if IF based DSP
development came within the reach of the average ham.
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