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Re: Wanting some trial users

Hello Alan!

10 Sep 00 22:40, you wrote to All:

 AA> predict <satname> <city> <timezone> - ok, this is the nice one, it
 AA> will give you a 2 day listing of all the passes for the sat requested.
 AA> The predictions will be based upon the location entered and the times
 AA> will be in the timezone requested. It will take most of the active
 AA> sats (you can specify 'list' if you'd like to get a listing), for a
 AA> city name, put a major metro name that might be close to you (most of
 AA> the worlds cities are there, if you have a multi word name, put an
 AA> underscore in place of the spaces. Use reason here, the list is not
 AA> exhaustive).  The timezone can be any valid US timezone or utc.

This sounds like something I need.  Can you pop me a private email?

 AA> I'm always looking for the pass list for a specific sat and sometimes
 AA> I want it for a different location, this is the way to do it!

I have 2 needs:

1.  To produce a list of SO-35 voice passes (to reduce the current manual

2.  To provide user requested pass information for any ham satellite, again,
would save some manual work...

Tony, VK3JED

.. plant at brains@fleamrkt.com.
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