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Need Recommendation for 2M Amp

I am looking for a source of a reliable 2 meter amplifier that can output
150-200 watts with a maximum drive of 50 watts. I Purchased a Mirage 5016
and 5 minutes into it's life it failed the smoke test. I opened it up and
found there were components hanging off the PC board. I returned the amp
and picked up a replacement, removed bottom cover and visually inspected
for loose components or shorts, hooked it up and monitored input drive
power, output wattage and SWR and DC operating voltage. It worked with
light duty this weekend till while holding a short CW QSO during a low
horizon satellite pass It started smoking and failed. Being kind of burnt
out (pun intended) on MFJ Mirage products I would really appreciate a
recommendation on a reliable 2 meter amplifier.

Any help would be appreciated.

Richard Lubash

Richard Lubash

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