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Wanting some trial users

I know I'm asking for it, but I'm really curious.  I've created a little
monster that I'd like a few of you to try.

I have an auto responder running on my Linux box.  It will take command via
email and reply back to you with information.  Right now I have the
following commands activated.  You might not think this is sat related, but
the best is always the last :-)

Here are the commands, I'll tell you how to use them in a minute.

Weather - you get a text version of the weather from my house

Forecast <county name> - only counties available right now are GA, USA ones,
so if you want try mine 'gwinnett'

propagation <long | short> - you get the current propagation with forecast,
for the US, in either a long or short format

satellite <satname | list> - you get a short description of its current
location and the next AOS of the sat requested, but only from my location
(this mostly to be used from my 2way pager, BTW, this is using 'Predict')

predict <satname> <city> <timezone> - ok, this is the nice one, it will give
you a 2 day listing of all the passes for the sat requested.  The
predictions will be based upon the location entered and the times will be in
the timezone requested. It will take most of the active sats (you can
specify 'list' if you'd like to get a listing), for a city name, put a major
metro name that might be close to you (most of the worlds cities are there,
if you have a multi word name, put an underscore in place of the spaces.
Use reason here, the list is not exhaustive).  The timezone can be any valid
US timezone or utc.

help or commands - a list of commands

for example.

predict ko-25 los_angeles utc - would give you predictions for ko-25 for los
angeles and the times would be utc

Ok, how to do it.

Address the mail to igor@ne1h.dyndns.org
Subject - doesn't mater (if you would, enter your callsign)
Message - each command on a separate line (you can have as many commands as
you like, just put each on a separate line)

Please, if you get strange responses, email them back to me, I don't have a
lot of error checking in right now, so there will be a few glitches.  Either
way let me know what you think?

I'm always looking for the pass list for a specific sat and sometimes I want
it for a different location, this is the way to do it!

Hope this is interesting!
Alan - NE1H

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