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Trakbox question

Hi All,

I purchased a TrakBox at a hamfest recently, and I'm having a little
difficulty with it.

The firmware that was in the unit was NOT y2k compatible, and didn't support
my radio, a Yaesu FT-847. I ordered and installed an updated EPROM from
TAPR, which is version 3.50b. It works OK except, when I run in stand alone
mode. When a pass is starting the AOS light blinks, as it's supposed to, but
when I move the track enable switch on the front panel, the antenna rotator
doesn't start tracking, and the AOS light continues to blink. I verified the
track enable switch is functioning, and wired to  the correct places on the

The Trakbox DOES work correctly, tracking sats and tuning the radio, when in
terminal mode.

Any ideas?

73 de John AA2BN

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