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Re: SatTrack 3.1.5 again

"Alan K. Adamson" wrote:
> I know this is old, but I've just been playing with predict and it got me
> thinking about SatTrack.  I went and got the distribution, but it has two
> problem when being built under linux (redhat 6.1 in my case).  There is a
> y2k bug, and there is a build bug.
> if anyone wants, is just one source module that needs to be fixed.  I'll be
> happy to provide it if you drop me an email.
> BTW, don't be scared away because you think this has to use X.  It runs just
> fine in a telnet session of character mode output.

I remember seeing a RPM for the 3.1.6 version as well as the DEB file
Debian too that had these changes.  The port for FreeBSD (4.1-stable in
my case)
also works great.  It's ability to write the AZ/EL/Doppler outputs to a
will make it easy for my self-designed control system to use.

Move over Windows...

Mike N4CNW
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