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Re: Digital Modes with a Macintosh PowerBook

>I recently purchased a Macintosh PowerBook and would like to use it to work
>the digital sats while portable. I've seen a WiSP like program for the Mac
>but it requires a serial port to connect to the TNC. Unfortunately, this
>laptop doesn't have such a port. Any luck for me ?
>Any Hams out there with PowerBooks ?

With all the new IMACs and powerbooks being sold we should have a flood of
new hams with MAC's

USB and Firewire have replaces the ports on both the PC and Mac portable
computer line.

You could try USB to serial (but find out if the third part card and drive
work before you get one)   but better still see below.

Try a Socket Comm single port Serial PCMCIA card.
The PC side of any mac mail order house will have one.
The are also available at some computer stores like Fry's

cost about $100+ but they work with NO needed added software
and it is supported by the Apple communication tool box.

They work on both MAC's and PC's. The cable will have a standard DB-9
plug that works with modems,PALM,GPS. TNC just use a radio-shack 9 pin to 25 pin
adapter for the time you need the old DB-25 plugs.

I use two so my MAC wallstreet has three serial ports.
(new portables only have ONE PCMCIA (PC-card) slot.
1. TNC                         or TH-D7a
2. rotor control               or WX station
3. direct radio tuning (CAT)   or DFjr

programs to try (see  www.versiontracker.com )
some are AMSAT shareware.

MacPacSat 1.0
Mac the Scope
OrbiTrack 2.1.5
Morse Mania   :-)

and for GPS items

GPSy Pro




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