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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

Hi all

Regarding that idea of trying to run NetMeeting over a 9600 Ham link I
finally got it to work to a point.

I used the SV2AGW packet engine for the IP interface.

Running half duplex I managed to get choppy audio and an unreliable video
link. The whiteboard's quite fun.

I get about a second of motion video in a microscopic window before things
go awry and have to restart netmeeting fo another go.

I've tried to run full duplex but my D700E doesn't seem to want to TX on one
band and RX on the other with an external modem. If anyone's got some magic
tips on this I'm all ears. I think I'll have to cobble together two separate
radios for one end of the link, or struggle again with the D700 internal
TNC. The FT-847 works a treat with the Paccom NB-96.

Most of my problems were trying to get a reliable 9600 bps link working -
turns out I don't think I ever got my dusty old MFJ working properly at

Could do better... be nice to at least have a go at a sat link if and when I
finally get things working reliably. I need to think about that. Maybe I'm
still dreaming.

73 Howard G6LVB

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