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AMSAT 2000 Symposium Banquet Speaker


    When North America's experts in HAM radio satellite operations convene
their annual conference next month in Portland, Maine
they will hear for the first time, the once top-secret details about one of
the U.S. most innovative and  effective intelligence collection capabilities
used during the early years of the Cold War. Each year hundreds of the
world's leading technical experts, all members of the non-profit  Radio
Amateur Satellite Corporation-North America (AMSAT-NA) gather for their
space symposium. This year, for the first time the technical symposium will
be held in Maine.  This year's symposium, AMSAT's 18th, starts Friday,
October 27 at the Holiday Inn Portland West and concludes on October 29.

    The AMSAT-2000 meeting will feature as its banquet speaker Mr. R.
Cargill Hall, Chief Historian of the  National Reconnaissance Office. The
NRO is one of America's key intelligence agencies and is staffed by both DoD
and CIA personnel.
Hall, one of the nation's leading historians in the field of aerospace
technology has authored numerous classified and unclassified publications
over his career with NASA and the Department of Defense. His most recent
work published by the Smithsonian Institution Press is "Eye In The Sky: The
Story of the CORONA Satellites."  Hall is a contributing editor to "Air And
Space Smithsonian" and has contributed myriad articles to professional
journals, anthologies, and encyclopedias. Among his books is "Lightening
Over Bougainville: The Yamamoto Mission Reconsidered" and "The U.S. Air
Force in Space."

   For 30 years, the AMSAT worldwide organization, and its
government-licensed amateur radio operator teams  have designed,
constructed, tested, and have operated more than 24 satellites which provide
HAMs with both digital and analog global communications.

    For further information on the AMSAT-2000 Symposium contact Martha at
AMSAT-NA Headquarters: Voice  (301) 589-6062. FAX (301) 608-3410 or Email <
martha@amsat.org >.

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Note for all recipients: Refer all requests for contact with Mr. Hall to me.
By agreement with his office I will be his only point of contact for this

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