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Re: PSK, its a Amateur Sat thing....:-)

Hi Christopher,

you forgot:

        P3-A ;(   BPSK  (400 Bit/s)
        OSCAR-10    "        "
        OSCAR-13    "        "

73s Peter DB2OS

Christopher Cox wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> PSK and BPSK is not a new mode for Amateur Radio Satellites. While PSK31
> uses a unique (and pretty cool ) vari-code data, PSK to Amateur Satellite
> operators is old hat.
> Here is a list:
>         F0-29   BPSK
>         OSCAR-11 PSK
>         LO-19   BPSK
>         OSCAR-16 PSK
>         IO-26 PSK
> PSK is a great idea. Finding hardware (TNC's) that understand PSK and
> Manchester coding is problematic however.
> Regards
> Christopher Cox

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