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Re: Doppler correction software for linear satellites

Hamish Moffatt (VK3SB) wrote:

> I set the CAT rate on the 847 to 57600; at that rate, opening
> a tracking window does actually set the radio into CAT mode.
> At 4800 or 9600, it doesn't seem to communicate with
> the radio at all.
> Then when I choose the beacon or full duplex windows,
> nothing actually changes on the radio.
> Any idea where I went wrong?

How old is your FT-847?  The early models off the production line
(like mine) had CAT firmware that ignored the computer command to
report the frequency or mode settings in effect.  If your radio has
this firmware, the software probably won't alter the frequencies
because it can't read what they are currently set to, or how they
have responded to a set frequency command.

Contact Yaesu tech support with the SERIAL NUMBER FROM THE BACK OF
YOUR RADIO.  From that, they can tell if you have the obsolete
firmware.  If so, you will need to ship the radio back to them to
be upgraded, since it can't be done "in the field".  (Even my local
dealer who is an authorized repair station for Yaesu, said that
they would not attempt this upgrade, they would ship the radio to
Yaesu's factory repair site.)  I haven't shipped mine back yet,
since I have to pick a time of year when I can "do without" the
radio for a month or three.  But I *DO* plan to get the fix.

Can you confirm at all that the PC is "talking" to the FT-847?
In other words, do you have any other rig-control software that
you can use to try to send commands to the radio and observe its
response?  Also, make sure that the radio and the software are
both set to the same baud rate, since neither device can
automatically adjust its baud rate by detecting the speed of the
other device.  And is your serial cable constructed correctly?
If you can't confirm this much, let me know and I can send you a
very primitive DOS-based program that you can use to send CAT
commands to the radio and watch the response.

Good luck.
John P. Toscano, KBØZEV, EN34js

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