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RE: Just hrd UO-14 for the 1st time!

> Hope you have had a chance to hear some audio of UO-14 from 
> the US.  If not,
> I'll see what I can do.  Sounds like a pileup on 20 meters. 

Heard one or two, but would like to get a better picture of the US
operations.  What would be good is a list of sites carrying satellite audio.
I'll start with my site, http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html.  There is a lot
of audio, mostly of SO-35, with a little UO-14 and Mir in there as well.
Now that I have a decent HF rig, I may be able to get some good quality
RS-13 audio as well (minus all the crud one usually hears :) ).  All audio
is in MP3 format (8kbps), with a full pass (15 mins) being less than 800k of
data.  Dust off Winamp and have a listen! :-)
> K4QFF told me
> when they were in Costa Rica, on low passes over the Pacific, 
> they could
> hear their own signal full quieting on the downlink, but 
> nobody around to

Hehe, get that a lot down here.  You will hear that on some of my audio
tracks.  You will also hear some casual ragchews on UO-14 and SO-35.  The
demo last Friday on UO-13 was a lot of self testing, there were no stations,
not even the ZLs, who had the bird passing right over their heads. :-(

> work.  I guess even Hawaii is to far for you.

Sadly, yes.  The furtherest that is possible is around 1000-2000 km east of
Fiji, which is a long way from Hawaii.  That's both too far north and east
for a LEO. :-(
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