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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

James Clay French KD4DLA <kd4kla@home.com> wrote:

>Take a look at this software from John Hansen W2FS and see if this might
>work with some modifications like adding DHCP or multicasting for video.

I didn't see any source code. Makes it a little hard to
modify. :-(

The content (video, or whatever) is irrelevant: given a
sufficiently fat pipe, you can transfer anything you like.

The requirements for multicasting are well known. The only
issues are making sure that multicast packets go out all
relevant interfaces (rarely an issue), and that the system
receives all multicast packets of interest. Additionally,
it must cooperate with systems on the network so that
systems (particularly routers) know which groups are active.
This is all well known, and well understood.

The real challenge is finding anything to actually put
on such a system. You don't need a satellite to do this:
what terrestrial results do you (or anybody else) have
to report?

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