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Re: Predict ? Clarification

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Christopher Maness wrote:

> No, the screen is not completely blank.  The az/el data for the sun and
> the moon is displayed, but the entries for the sats are blank.

Hi Chris.

That's because there ain't no predict.tle file under the user's .predict
subdirectory!  :-)  Actually, the one that's there is empty.  One should
have been set up by default when the program is first run by the
individual users.

As a rule, PREDICT won't attempt to perform orbital calculations
for satellites whose orbital data is missing.  It's just a safety
precaution.  :-)  I FTP'd in a two-line orbital database file, and
the program works just fine.

If you want to have every user share the same TLE database, you can store
the common file in a publically readable directory (maybe something like
/usr/local/predict), and then soft link the file (ln -s) to every user's
.predict/predict.tle file.  If you only want certain users (or only
yourself) to be able to update and/or edit the file, you can play around
with chmod (groups and permissions).

Another option is to modify predict.c to look at the public TLE file
rather than the one in the user's subdirectory, or better yet, simply
alias "predict" to "predict -t /usr/local/predict/predict.tle" so the
public TLE file is read by the program by default.

The power is in YOUR hands.  :-)

73, de John, KD2BD

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