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Egg Beaters on a Rotator

Just for grins, I'm going to put my Eggbeaters on an AZ/EL Rotator.  These 
are the commercial EB's from M2.  I'll report my findings here, I suspect 
I'm going to be amused.

Here is a thought that occurced to me...  Given the relatively high 
overhead gain that these antennas have ( I believe it's about 6db), why 
couldn't we design a new boom, using these as Driven elements and put a few 
directors on them as well?  Just my naive thinking, but wouldn't a set of 
directors add another 3db?  And then if we added 4 more which would be an 
antenna about 6 feet long on 2M and about 4feet on 70cm give you a nice 
10db?  Seems like this would create a nice high gain antenna within a very 
small size, CP and everything.

I'm usually wrong when I have these ideas, but this time, I'd be really 
curious as to why! :)

To clarify, Leave reflector in same location, directors would come off of 
the top, and it would then be steerable.


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