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Re: New Observations on UO-14 (17:00UTC Pass)


If I was using M2 eggbeaters (which I have in the past), I'd remove the
radials if the unit isn't tilted on some kind of rotator.

Using the unit with radials pushes the main lobe directly up into the sky...
just where the satellite isn't very likely to be. By far most passes never
get above 30 deg.

Jerry (K5OE) is the real expert here. He's shown how to bring down the lobes
somewhat by re-orienting the radials further below the eggbeater.

73 Howard G6LVB

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> Would you use the radials or remove it from the Eggbeaters?
> >
> > Yes, the eggbeaters aren't too hot at low elevations especially if you
> have
> > radials fitted unless you perform some sort of rotation such as Jerry's
> > devised. As Jon said, limited to predominantly linear polarization at
> > horizon also gives you even less chance as there is probably a strong
> linear
> > component from the sat at low angles. Murphy's law probably states that
> > it'll be in the opposite polarization to you too. Again, tilting and
> > rotating would help here.
> >

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