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Re: FT-726R question


The FT-726 only displays one frequency at a time.  A switch determines which vfo is displayed and which vfo (uplink or downlink) is moved when the vfo knob is turned.

I haven't found that there is so much a problem of the vfos not tracking each other.  I have a problem remembering which vfo I have the switch turned to and will be cranking the uplink vfo when I am trying to tune in the station I am in QSO with when I mean to tune the receive vfo down frequency.

When I work RS-13, I use two transceivers.  The vfos aren't linked, but I have no trouble knowing which vfo I am tuning because they are associated with different knobs.

Another minus of the 726 is it has only ten watts output.  With my antennas, I can barely hear myself through the FO birds on ssb, but I have made several cw contacts successfully.  It works fine on ssb and cw on the RS-13 uplink and the FM birds.

Dave W8IJ 

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 10:31:59    tom P. wrote:
>I'm considering picking up an old Yaesu 726-R.  After
>reading through the qst review, I couldn't tell if the
>rig displays both uplink and downlink freq's at the
>same time?  Also, since the vfo's can't be yoked
>together, I would imagine that getting uplink/downlink
>freqs lined up would be a bit laborious.  Any comments
>from owners would be appreciated.
>Tnx es 73
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