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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

> UGH!  Nothing is worse than chunky video.  People would find it a novelty
> for a bit, play with it and then get tired of it.
> > 
> > ... IP or any packet style system would be the optimum medium for our
> > requirements. The amount of lost bandwidth as stations switch from transmit
> > to receive is quite high. A point to point connection at full duplex would
> > improve things. Not to good for a satellite, though, with single uplink and
> > downlink frequencies.
> Agreed.  You need a full duplex data stream.

But in HAM radio, just extending one-on-one phone-line technology via a
satellite could almsot be said has nothing to do with HAM radio.  I think
that we should work for protocols that permit one to MANY on any given
link.  So that many people can monitor digital QSO and join in if
inteested.  That is kinda what HAM radio is all about.

Pt-to-pt digital links we can do every day on the phone, and the internet.
I hope we look for applications that let everyone "see" or "hear" what is
on the high speed digital channel, and not just the 2 individuals at both
ends.  We need to enhance our ability to let mltiple stations participate
in most of our applications, not just provide more pt-to-pt phone lines...
which just happen to be via P3D...

Just a thought... de WB4APR, Bob

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