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Re: UO-14 polarisation - Arrow antennas

At 08:38 PM 9/5/2000 +0200, PA3HIL - Sil wrote:
>Thanks for the replies to my question
>about the 90 degree polarisation difference
>between the two beams on the boom
>of an arrow antenna.
>I understand the need to reduce coupling
>between the two, but I'm curoius as to
>the influence polarisation difference
>has on performance,when making a
>QSO via UO-14.
>Do operators using this antenna simply
>transmit with a 90 degree polarisation
>difference (to their Rx signal), or do
>they "twist" the antenna when transmitting
>to correct this?

I have found that AO-27, UO-14 and SO-35
all have very good receivers and it doesn't
matter how the beam is pointed when you
transmit.  If you are trying to talk over another
signal then it might matter.  So on these
birds especially AO-27 I orient (twist & turn) the antenna
to peak for receive.

For FO-20 and FO-29 I do the opposite.  I have
to orient the antenna to peak my uplink so I
can hear myself on the downlink.

73, Randy N7SFI

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