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UO-14 polarisation - Arrow antennas


Thanks for the replies to my question
about the 90 degree polarisation difference
between the two beams on the boom
of an arrow antenna.

I understand the need to reduce coupling
between the two, but I'm curoius as to
the influence polarisation difference 
has on performance,when making a 
QSO via UO-14.

Do operators using this antenna simply
transmit with a 90 degree polarisation
difference (to their Rx signal), or do 
they "twist" the antenna when transmitting
to correct this?

If the first case is true, is this an advantage?
(Is it worth remounting my own antennas
so that they too, have a 90 degree difference?
Actually, it's obviously worth trying it anyway!!!)

I've looked at the Surrey sight for information
about the antenna design on UO-14,
but found little. However, I presume that
the sense of the two signals is rather 
difficult to predict, as you have no certainty
that UO-14 antenna is "pointing" at you. 
Contact is therefore via side lobes . Is this 

Sil - PA3HIL

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