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Re: FO29/FO20 blues


I am not sure from your post, but if you just set your transmitter on 145.95 and your receiver on 435.85 and then transmit while not moving either vfo, I would be surprised if you heard your signal. Doppler shift will cause the relationship between uplink and downlink frequencies to be inexact. You must tune one of the vfo's while holding the other steady until you hear yourself.  

My preference is to find a clear receive frequency and then transmit while adjusting the transmit vfo until I hear myself in the receiver.  That way, if I start to transmit where a QSO is already at least I won't be there long enough to cause trouble while I am finding myself. I also have found it easier to find myself on cw first and then switch to ssb for fine tuning.

-- Dave W8IJ

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 03:52:16    jim wrote:
>My radio is a Yaesu FT-847. My antenna's are 21 and 42 element yagis for
>vhf,uhf and are on a mast that is rotated in azimuth and elevation. I am
>able to work UO-14 from horizon to horizon without any problem.
>When I track FO20 or FO29 I can receive on usb as I hear the digitalker
>and now with mode JA active on FO29 I hear people from time to time
>(although my S meter never move).
>However, when I try to transmit in the middle of the band (lsb on
>145.95) I hear nothing on receive at 435.85.
>What am I doing wrong?
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