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High speed Data link

Software options are many.

What about Modulation!

Doesn't NASA use BPSK and QPSK for their high speed links to
spacecraft?  FSK is easy for many (myself included I bought a 9612+ so
that I would have at least something) but I don't see FSK as THE
solution just because of its installed base.

I think there is a S/N and a Bandwith advantage to some form of PSK
modulation over FSK.

The 1200 baud PSK modem by KD2BD uses an EXAR XR2211 PLL which has a max
of 300Khz and that is iff you happen to get a good batch.  I don't see
how that chip could be pushed to 300Kbs.

I'm sure some of you out there have some ideas on this.

I think it was TAPR's website that had a description of a 10Mbs modem
(... mmmmm...Ham)!  A bit more than one would need but surely we can
find something in between.

A good choice for hardware and then, as Laura Halliday suggests, do the
rest in software.  I like this approach.

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