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Question about antenna's [not quite satelite stuff] for 2m

Good Morning...

Well, has a new Ham since July, I finally got a rig. 
My wife has watched me drooling on the Yeasu FT-1500M since I god my Tech
No-Code ticket and took pity on me and go me one for my birthday this

For those that are not familiar with the FT-1500M, it is a 50 watt, 2m, FM
mobile with quite a few bells and whistles.

I have a question about antenna's.

Can some one suggest a good 2m mobile antenna for the car? I don't need the
shortened version, I have a Wilson 1000 on there anyway.

And also a home antenna.
I am antenna restricted, so it has to be a stealthy model.

I am all for homebrewing and I like to build my own stuff and save some

Thanks all. And I am sorry for the non-AMSAT content.

Scott Bowen

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