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RE: Thougths on "The Birds"

> Some thoughts on working th FM mode J birds...

Looks like common sense, and has been mentioned here before.

>   1.  Either stay with the current setup and eventually the interest
> will die due to frustration.
>   2.  Upgrade to more expensive equipment.  A number of ways 
> this can be
> accomplished only limited to expenses the wife, family, and Uncle Sam
> and so on will allow.
>   3.  Give up.
> I'm sure none of us want to see anyone step to number 3.

Indeed, step 2 is the most desireable, as that leads to SSB and other more
versatile forms of operation (note:  Uncle Sam doesn't directly collect
here, but Canberra takes a bite ;) ).

>   1.  Limit ourselves to 3 - 4 contacts per pass.  With the growing
> number of operators on at once and all trying for as many QSO's/Grid
> Squares as possible, we end up saturating the uplink/downlink to the

Perhaps even less, 1-2 if it's that busy.  Conditions and traffic demand
will ultimately determine the number of QSOs one can have without being
"greedy".  Also, I wonder if gridsquares compound your problems over there.
Down here, we don't use gridsquares on satellites (at least FM) at all.
Just exchange callsigns and QTH, so there's less pressure to "collect
grids".  When SO-35 was busy here, it'd tick along nicely until a ZL, P29 or
relatively rare state (VK6, VK7 or VK8) popped up, then there'd be a flurry.
:-)  Now, Mode J has slowed activity down to ragchewing to let people know
someone's actually on the birds! :-/

>   2.  Etequite/Patience:  If one hears a call in progress, please be
> patient enough  to allow contact between the two parties to be
> completed.  ie:  gird/call, before transmitting.  We all desire that
> rare grid which is so cherished.  And, most likely it will come from a
> mobile or HT station.  So, lets give 'em a chance.If we can't 
> hear em we
> can't work em.

It's amazing how much more efficient an FM pass is when everyone waits until
a contact is completed.  Probably two - five times the QSO rate is possible
if everyone waits their turn!

> As more FM birds as well as P3D are on the horizon, I think it is time
> we all take a look at our operating practice and instill some ethics
> that we may all benefit from not only now but also in the future.  I'm
> sure we don't want a CH 19 FM repeater to play with.

I think everyone needs a little reminding from time to time.  :-)

> I personally operate at this time 99% van mobile and 1% 
> portable/arrow. 

I'm more 99% portable, 1% car mobile, with the odd train or tram to make
things interesting. :-)

> I have enjoyed over 100 contacts on the FM birds myself, many of them
> from different states, counties and grids.  Using an arrow 
> and an HT on
> a 50' houseboat in DL99 was a blast to say the least.

Here, I've probably had many more contacts, mainly due to our lower traffic
density and generally good operating practices permitting more QSOs/person.
One thing about being in VK is we've experienced the whole range of activity
from the loneliness of unanswered calls (yes, on FM, I have had a number of
passes with no answer!), to one on one QSOs, to small roundtables, to the
frenzy of a fully loaded transponder!

> Thanks for taking the time to read this post.It is by no 
> means directed
> or intended to insult anyone.It is just a suggestion. Neither 
> do I wish
> to whine so please no cheese!hihi

As a reminder, my article on "satiquette" is always online at
http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/satiquette.html.  It deals with the issues
mentioned above and more, all to make FM operation more enjoyable for all.
Anyone is welcome to link to this article, provided the usual attributions
are made.  If you want to use it for a newsletter or similar (i.e. "dead
tree" version), please drop me an email first.
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