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Re: New Observations on UO-14 (17:00UTC Pass)

Hi David

Yes, the eggbeaters aren't too hot at low elevations especially if you have
radials fitted unless you perform some sort of rotation such as Jerry's
devised. As Jon said, limited to predominantly linear polarization at the
horizon also gives you even less chance as there is probably a strong linear
component from the sat at low angles. Murphy's law probably states that
it'll be in the opposite polarization to you too. Again, tilting and
rotating would help here.

You're right about Yagis. Struggling from an appartment block, I'd only
omnis for nearly a year. Worked all the analog sats (except AO-10) that way,
and heard all the digi's (albeit rather unreliably).

I finally had the courage to risk putting up a pair of Arrows a few weeks
ago with polarization switching on an AzEl rotator. Even with this sub
optimal arrangement it does make your chances of success working a satellite
an order of magnitude better. The polarization switching also helps
significantly. I can now work all the digi's and even AO-10 to 15,000km.
Most important I've had no complaints from the neighbors... yet. Hope I'm
not tempting fate!

73 Howard G6LVB

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> I discovered something interesting today when I whipped out the handheld
> and the arrow this afternoon..  This was the first time I've ever actually
> used it, had my pass prediction correct, and had all the stars align at
> same time.
> My interesting observation is this...  My normal sattelite contacts are
> made with a pair of egg beaters, a 471 All mode, a Icom 290H All mode, a
> mast mounted preamp, and a 160 Watt brick (As needed).
> What I did today, just for grins, is I hooked up my Arrow to my HT (Which
> you'd think would be lesser of a receiver) and used the 290H (On low
> hooked to the egg beater as a receiver.  I reached the following
> The Egg beater, while being incredibly easy to use (Put on roof, add
> preamp, forget about it), does almost NOTHING for me on the lower
> elevations.  I know that Jerry (K5OE) has made mods to that design, and
> I've built them, but have not tested.
> With my arrow and my HT, (A Kenwood TH-79A(D)) I was able to copy the
> sattelite almost full quieting from Horizon to Horizon from inside the
> house.  Furthermore, I was surprised at how little I really had to move
> thing during the (ALMOST) overhead pass.  I think I moved it 3 times
> from like 20Degrees to 70degrees to 20Degrees the other direction.  I did
> have to tilt it a few times to pull the thing in.
> Here is my point.  Though the omni's are quite convient, I'm now
> sold on getting my yagis up.  It makes the difference between night and
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