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RE: Comments on UO-14

I have found the same exact occurrence on the eastern passes while 
operating mobile.  I have the same set-up 50W and a dual band vertical. 
 However, here is my explanation to the reason why eastern passes are much 
more difficult to make contacts on:

1.) Look at the time of the eastern passes.  They are usually 9 - 10 PM 
EDST.  Lots more people awake and wanting to make contacts.
2.) The eastern passes are much more noisier and congested with QRM 
(probably due to reason number #1).  I have actually observed my signal 
being covered up lots of times.
3.) The passes in the evening are from the south to north.  I find it 
easier to make contacts just before the satellite disappears below the 
northern horizon (mainly due to less congestion, half of North America 
can't make the satellite at that point in the pass).  Nice to be living the 
4.) The western passes are usually occurring around 11 - 12 PM EDST.  Most 
people are already in bed.  Hummm.....  less congestion is noted.

It boils down to one thing: CONGESTION on the frequency.  Also, the 
congestion has become much worst since the August QST issue telling how us 
easy it is to work UO-14.

Oh well......

73 de K9DQ
Dave Whitham
Franksville, WI

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