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Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

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> Van: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au [mailto:tlang@freeway.apana.org.au]
> Verzonden: vrijdag 1 september 2000 17:08
> Aan: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> Onderwerp: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?
> Hello Jon!
> 31 Aug 00 13:47, you wrote to All:
>  JO> Enlighten me.  Why don't we have a Fast Scan ATV satellite?  That
>  JO> would be cool!  Much more interesting than talking to 
> the same old
>  JO> farts in one's local area.  Too much bandwidth?  Power 
> requirements
>  JO> too severe?  Inquiring minds want to know!
> Analogue ATV?  Anyone got a satellite band 7 MHz wide and a 
> good power budget?
> FM would need even more bandwidth. I suspect this is the main 
> problem.  Digital
> technology should help to create useful ATV birds, by 
> allowing narrower
> bandwidths.
> Would love to beam TV pictures around, but we may have to be 
> creative to get it
> working within amateur constraints. :-)
> Tony, VK3JED
We have one digital tv transponder linked to a ATV repeater in the
I think it was on hotbird with a wide beam, it might be usable on the east
coast with a large dish.
It's all part of a sponserschip deal (the repeater is located at a satalite
shop) so if one repeater can do it so can others.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup Netherlands

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