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Re: Cable Recommendations..What is the best?

on 9/2/00 10:24 PM, MindSpring - Joel at jbblack@mindspring.com wrote:

>> 9913 is a good cable.  LMR-400 is a little bit better though and costs
>> about
>> the same.  It has a solid dielectric which means your water proofing
>> doesn't
>> need to be as good.
> Huh?  This is incorrect.  You *still* need to waterproof all coax
> connections.  

No it's not incorrect.  Read the statement:  You don't have to waterproof it
as good.

9913 uses air as part of its dielectric.  Because of that, any water that
gets into the cable will end up flowing down the cable and into your shack.
Water in the cable will also mess up the impedance.

LMR-400 OTOH, has a SOLID dielectric.  Any water that gets into your
connectors (which is still not good) won't flow down your cable and into
your shack.  It will just mess with the connectors and shorten their lives.

Also, some folks have said that they have seen condensation form inside 9913
from heating and cooling effects.  So this condensed moisture can also cause
a problem.

> Always waterproof well no matter what type coax you use.  An ounce of
> prevention...

No doubt.  A good bit a Dielectric Stuff squirted into the connector and
then wrapping the connector in Coax Seal is plenty sufficient.  It's tricky
to do as you have to make sure the outer faces of the connectors are
completely clear of the "stuff."  Coax Seal does not like to stick to it.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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