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Re: FO-20 Tuning question.

"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:

> Thanks to all who had very useful information.  I'm not able to computer
> control the equipment due to the age of it.  However, when I finally break
> down and buy that 847 or maybe even a used 736, I'll go that
> way.  Unfortunately, the wife seems to clean out the checking account every
> time it crests $1000 surplus for silly stuff like furniture. (Just bought a
> house).

Although it seems hard at first, after a while it becomes second nature.  When I
first started operating satellite (mainly FO-20 and FO-29) I found the doppler
tuning was a pain.  After a couple dozen contacts it just become second nature.  I
hardly even think about it now.  I built an interface to my Yaesu 736 from my
computer to use "The Station Program".  It works fine, but I found it generally
easier just to do it myself.  I occasionally do let the computer control it now,
but not very often.

> Anyway, I will stick with how I have been doing it which is to tweek the
> receiver and then occasionally spot it up with a touch tone from the
> transmitter.  Heck, maybe it's time to hook the keyer back up.  Seems like
> that would be even easier than SSB, and personally, I feel like I know
> something a lot of the world doesn't when I do a CW contact.

If I need to "find myself" I just switch the TX to CW and I leave the VOX on, but
turned down to the point that it NEVER keys up even if I scream into the mic, but
it keys right up when I hit the CW paddle.  Then it's a simple matter to squeeze
the paddle and tune around to "find myself".  It's better to tune the transmit
because you could be transmitting on top of another conversation and if you tune
around with your receive, you may be on top of them for a longer time.  If you tune
the uplink around you will interfere with the other conversations for only a short

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