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Re: FO-20 Tuning question.

Thanks to all who had very useful information.  I'm not able to computer 
control the equipment due to the age of it.  However, when I finally break 
down and buy that 847 or maybe even a used 736, I'll go that 
way.  Unfortunately, the wife seems to clean out the checking account every 
time it crests $1000 surplus for silly stuff like furniture. (Just bought a 

Anyway, I will stick with how I have been doing it which is to tweek the 
receiver and then occasionally spot it up with a touch tone from the 
transmitter.  Heck, maybe it's time to hook the keyer back up.  Seems like 
that would be even easier than SSB, and personally, I feel like I know 
something a lot of the world doesn't when I do a CW contact.


At 23:49 9/2/00 -0700, Jim Walls wrote:
>"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:
> > I'm aware that Doppler affects downlink on FO-20, but do I need to
> > compensate on the uplink as well?  May sound strange, but I'm not really
> > sure here....  I've made a handful of contacts on the bird know, and it's
> > getting easier, but I'd really like to stay in one place and "ragchew" for
> > a few minutes..
> >
> > Dave, N8KXA
>Basically there are three ways to do the dopler compensation:
>Leave the uplink alone and adjust the downlink,
>Leave the downlink alone and adjust the uplink,
>Adjust both uplink and downlink to maintain the same frequency at the
>The third one is the "ideal" way to do it, but it's seldom done.  It requires
>that all stations in the conversation be under computer control of
>In reality, on the mode J birds, most of the time the uplink is left alone and
>people adjust the downlink.  However it will still sometimes be necessary to
>adjust the uplink a little as well.  What is commonly done is to just adjust
>the downlink, but if you find yourself way off in frequency when the
>conversation comes back to you, you can move your uplink to "get on the other
>guy's frequency".  Then leave it there unless you need to do that later on.
>On AO-10 (in mode B), the proper way is to adjust the uplink as that has more
>error, but often it's done the same as the mode J birds.
>After you have done it for a while longer it will become second nature and
>you'll hardly even think about it.
>Hope that helps.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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