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Re: ATS-1

At 01:23 AM 02-09-00 -0400, Frank Grossman wrote:
>I assume you mean that NASA, as a Federal agency, got its frequencies for
>the bird from the National Telecommunications and Information
>Administration, (NTIA), not the FCC.  So NASA (with NTIA approval?) could,
>if they wished, permit amateur or other operation on the satellite without
>FCC involvement or approval.

Look, folks.  Rather than speculate uselessly, please read the law and the 
Rules and Regulations from FCC and NTIA.  Everything involved is available 
via their respective web sites.

If you'd read the stuff, you'd know that both agencies meet across the 
table at the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) to work out 
matters of mutual concern.  Everything is decided by consensus and must 
conform to treaty obligations (a Constitutional requirement).  Further, the 
"USA Administration" for ITU purposes is the FCC.  So, all international 
notifications for proposed satellite frequency assignments, government or 
not, go through FCC.

You shouldn't need a diagram to see how this process will play out for the 
idea proposed.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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