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Re: ATS-1

Setting aside ATS-1 and the 6000W ERP requirement for a moment, what
applications do we have going that do make sense? These reflectors are full
of moaning about why some satellites seem dead and are unused. There are
certainly no Public Service activities, which are supposed to be one of the
important aspects of our hobby. That is what the university is doing with
ATS-1, but we HAMS do not seem to feel obliged to do that.

 I suppose if someone screamed "MAYDAY" long enough on UO14, some good
samaritan might jot down and pass on some coordinates. I've sent literally
hundreds of test messages through the APRSAT system with a success rate of
way under 10%. There is some sporadic enthusiasm, but there is NO, repeat,
NO systematic monitoring of these downlinks over the Atlantic, over the
Pacific or over the US continent. Who is standing watch??

There are many HAM HF nets who listen daily for emergency, medical and
welfare traffic, there are public service PACTOR stations, maintaining
continuous watches and there is the famous maritime service net on more or
less continuously on 14.350 or thereabouts.

Did anyone hear the joke about the satellite op who tried to get past St
Peter and through the Pearly Gates???

Maybe there should be a Vice President for Public Service at AMSAT???


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