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Re: ATS-1

> ... if ...current owner/operator of ATS-1 went along with it, we could
> probably get an STA from the FCC. I believe we would have to make a very
> good case though.<<
> The other hurdle is obviously technical.  Does the bird's repeater still
> function at all? 

Yes, it works fine.  It is used by the Univ of Miami for comms witht he
South Pole.  But it takes almost an EME station to work it.  We listen to
it with a commercial 12 foot long 22 element crossed Yagi cut for 137 MHz 
and even with a low noise preamp, can only hear it about half the time.
Its just a normal FM channel and they use it with an autopatch so the
people at the south pole can make phone calls in the USA.

For years, we have tried to think of a good application for it, since we
are also a University and could probably get access to it.  But we could
not come up with any application that made any sense.

Considering that it takes an EME class station to hear it, and over 6000
watts ERP or so to hit it...  ALl that would not fit on any mobile
platform, not even our 105' Naval Academy boats..... and if you are
at a fixed location with enough real-estate to have the antenna, then just
use the phone.... etc..

But of course, as HAMS, the application is to do it just for the sake of
doing it...  But we knew that that justification would never fly...

de WB4APR, Bob

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