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Re: FO-20

Hi Jim

Over the past months I've seen lots of forthright comments on the reflector,
and I generally care not to join in, but this is the first time where I feel
someone's got it JUST RIGHT!

All your comments are right on the mark.

FO-20 & FO-29 are, in my mind, easier sats than the FM birds when it comes
to person to person operating. Add to that RS-13 of course, which I cut my
teeth on. For most of the last year I've done this with a vertical and a
wire dipole.

Folks will always want _easy_ and _cheap_. But when you put the effort in,
the ease of making an unscheduled transatlantic (or transpacific in your
case!) QSO, the LEO SSB birds really make the grade.

Too bad I still couldn't get my father (a rather inactive G4ULI) to get the
bug last night when an impromtu UO-14 came on radio last night whilst I did
some Xeroxing for him! It'll happen.

Now, do you need to remind me? How good did it feel when, equipped with just
Arrow antennas, I finally made AO-10 last week?

73 Howard G6LVB

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