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Re: ATS-1

In a message dated 09/01/2000 6:50:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
fgrossma@idt.net writes:

<< Now, this is an interesting idea to look into, isn't it?  The ATS birds 
 intended for R and D, right?  Isn't "advancing the radio art?" right up top
 as a purpose of the amateur service in part 97?  Who else is going to
 experiment with a "spent" commercial satellite and see what can still be
 learned with it?  Didn't much post WW II amateur development take place
 using surplus WW II equipment?  This is just a surplus satellite of sorts
 right? >>

Even easier...the "owners" of the satellite have frequency rights.....they 
might be convinced to "license" amateur users...to utilize the 
frequency.....as in the CB band ...you can use any call you want...the calls 
assigned could be amateur calls even though it is not under Part 97 
usage....sort of like MARS operations....AMSAT, ARRL (doubtful) or some other 
interested organization could administer the operation and supply the 
"credibility"...I know Wayne Greene would do it..lol

Only a thought...imagine ..operating out of band!!!!

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