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Hey Howie...

>>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 10:01:48 -0400
From: "Howie DeFelice" <hdefelice@petrexintl.com>
Subject: [amsat-bb] ATS-1

If there was a specific purpose for the use of ATS-1 that could not be
served by any other existing amateur allocations or resources AND the
current owner/operator of ATS-1 went along with it, we could probably get
an STA from the FCC. I believe we would have to make a very good case

Now, this is an interesting idea to look into, isn't it?  The ATS birds were
intended for R and D, right?  Isn't "advancing the radio art?" right up top
as a purpose of the amateur service in part 97?  Who else is going to
experiment with a "spent" commercial satellite and see what can still be
learned with it?  Didn't much post WW II amateur development take place
using surplus WW II equipment?  This is just a surplus satellite of sorts

But you're right.  I can envision a lot of lobbying and creative writing
being needed to convince the FCC to allow us to operate outside the amateur
band for this.  Perhaps we would have to write it some way that would assure
the FCC and ITU, for that matter, that we're not looking for a broad
precedent to operate anywhere we want.

Nonetheless, creative STA writing and lobbying is surely cheaper than some
of the other proposals I've seen on the BB lately, like putting a rover on
the moon.

The other hurdle is obviously technical.  Does the bird's repeater still
function at all?  given it's current state (i.e. the antennas can no longer
be pointed toward earth, etc.) can it be accessed at amateur power levels
with amateur antennas?

Flame proof suit on... -s-


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