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RE: Satellite ATV (was...)

Art Feller said:

> FYI:  Here in the USA/FCC's Laboratory Division, back in the 1940's,
> analog FM television was tested along with AM/VSB with both using
> 6 MHz  channels.  FM worked quite well.  Indeed, to my eye reviewing
> the photographs from receivers of the day, FM worked better than

> I'm still not sure why AM/VSB was chosen.  Curious.

> Anyway, it's a tidbit from history.  Hope you find it interesting.

6 MHz is REALLY narrow band for FM TV.  What is considered "Narrow band" FM
TV is 4 MHz deviation which results in a 17 MHz wide channel.  This does
result in a picture that is better than AM/VSB.  Wide band TV is 11 MHz
deviation and uses a 40 MHz wide channel - this is what C-Band analog
satellite TV uses.

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