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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

James Clay French <kd4kla@home.com> wrote:

>I was only making suggestions based on ideas that I had seen a mention or 
>of being possilbly done. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly I 
>Laura Holiday has been working with a group in Toronto that is planning a
>telescope satellite and Amateur Radio is to be part of it..
>( Laura, Please correct this if I am wrong, going by memory here and 
>knows how that works...<G> )

Like so many University projects, MOST started with enormous
fanfare, and has since vanished from public view. Since
the original writeup in the AMSAT Journal there hasn't been
one damned thing in the Journal, nor on amsat-bb.

You know as much about it as I do.

Personally, I wonder what purpose such projects serve.
It certainly cured me of any interest in aerospace as a
career: I do embedded development for pagers and things.

Laura Halliday VE7LDH     "Que les nuages soient notre
Grid: CN89mg               pied a terre..."
                                   - Hospital/Shafte

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