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Re: Ops wanted in VK and ZL. :-)

Hello Sillyman!

31 Aug 00 22:04, you wrote to All:

 SW> Sounds pretty wonderful. After three weeks of trying, I've managed my
 SW> first satellite contact - a brief QSO on UO-14 with RA3AET. I've had
 SW> no problem tracking the satellite and receiving the downlink, and
 SW> understand doppler correction. However, UO-14 is here so busy
 SW> that it wasn't until I had some time free during the week, that
 SW> I could get even half a chance to "get a word in".

Well, congratulations! :-)  Your end of the qorld is a bit busier..  Our demo
tonight went well, except no QSOs resulted...  Not to worry, used the pass to
demonstrate a few techniques and point out a few characteristice of the
satellites. :-)

 SW> My "station" is nothing more than two handhelds (RL-112 and an
 SW> IC-04E), a home built 4 element yagi on 2 metres, and a home built 3
 SW> element quad on 70 cm (good ol' ARRL handbook stuff).

Sounds similar to mine, except you have a couple more elements on 2m :-)

 SW> The contact was such fun that I've since listened for RS-13, and
 SW> had no trouble copying it with only a 10m wire dipole. I even
 SW> tried hooking my key to the PTT line of my 2m handheld, but the
 SW> turn time limits CW to about  4 wpm (and it "chirps"
 SW> most embarassingly)

Hehehhe. :-)  I haven't tried that, as I have SSB here on 2m.  :)

 SW> I do have a question about the Arrow antennas that are so popular.
 SW> The only picture I've ever seen of this beam seemed to show  2m
 SW> and 70cm yagis mounted on the same boom, but at right angles to
 SW> each other. Is this true? Does this have a performance advantage? Or
 SW> is it done to make the antenna easier to handle? Both my antennas
 SW> (linear polarisation) are in the same plane (but not on the same boom)
 SW> and thus are very difficult to rotate as the signal fades.

The reason for the crossed elements is to minimise interaction between them.  I
did the same with my beam, and also put the 70cm "in front" of the 2m section
(though I have the option of adding a third 2m element if I wish).

Tony, VK3JED

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