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Re: FO-20

Hello Dave!

31 Aug 00 17:53, you wrote to Randolph Kohlwey:

 DB> I believe that LEO satellites with linear transponders would be more
 DB> popular if (1) they were easier to get into (like RS-13) and (2) had
 DB> orbits which put them overhead in the evening hours instead of the
 DB> daytime / middle of the night.

The linear birds to drift more than the FM ones actually, so there's more
chance of a pass at a suitable hour during the course of a year.  I was working
RS-13 at around 8PM earlier this year.

 DB> I am surprised that someone in the Philadelphia area hasn't run
 DB> portable in Delaware to put that state on the FO birds.  Perhaps I
 DB> will undertake that mission later in the fall (it is a two hour trip
 DB> from here).  However, I don't have enough signal into the uplink to
 DB> work anything but cw on FO20/FO29 with my Arrow antenna.

Really?  I did tests and got a signal back as strong as the beacon using only 2
watts into a 2 element beam on the uplink of FO-20.  Had I had full SSB on 2m
and 70cm, it would have been workable at that power level, and CW would have
been quite useable at 250 mW.  I did the tests with carriers on the uplink and
listening on an FM box on the downlink.

Tony, VK3JED

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