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Reentry of Interbol 1

To all interested in celestial mechanics:

Interbol 1 (1995-039A) is a Russian scientific satellite, started 
on August 2, 1995 from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in an highly inclined 
(63.8 degrees), highly  elliptic (0.93) orbit with a period of 
about 91 hours (height of apogee 192000 km). 
The initial height of perigee was around 500 km, increasing more 
or less steadily over 3 years to nearly 25000 km (no typing error!) 
and then decreasing again.
Currently (September 1, 2000, orbit 490) height of perigee is 
slightly above 1400 km.
We could see during the latest orbits from one perigee to the next
no change at all as well as changes by - 400 km.
There will be only 12 (+/- 1) more perigee passes, and reentry will
probably be on October 16. 
You can find the NORAD two line elements for Interbol 1 in
Don't be worried by the odd orbit number 1717, which didn't change for 
the last two or three months.
	Have fun. Vy 73,
			Viktor, OE1VKW
e-mail: viktor.kudielka@ieee.org, oe1vkw@amsat.org
URL: www.oe1kib.ampr.org/~oe1vkw/ 
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