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Help with Keps required.

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble receiving ANY satellite.  I have been off them for about
a month so I let my keps lag.  Now, after getting the new keps from the
AmSat site I can't seem to hear anything - even RS12/13 which I used to get
S7 to S9 signals from on the beacon.

I figure that either (a) my keps are wrong or (b) I have the time wrong.

To solve this

Can someone please confirm that :

1 21089U 91007A   00237.15691254  .00000107  00000-0  97517-4 0 02772
2 21089 082.9245 135.3647 0028100 298.5465 061.2863 13.74214138479012

is the current value keps for rs12/13.

Our government in its wisdom has recently changed daylight saving time so
its starts from the beginning of spring (for the olympics of course).
Currently I am runnung a Time Client connected to a primary standard at one
of our research labs so current time should be accurate enough.  One thing I
do not know is how to be sure my computer is correctly taking into account
daylight saving to convert times back to GMT so the orbit stuff can be
calculated correctly.

I am using winorbit v3.6 on a windose 98 machine with automacron v4.007 as
the time client.

Any help appreciated as I should have no trouble hearing these satellites
(well I didn't a month ago anyway and my antenna hasn't blown down)


Michael Hart
Ph  +61 2 4325 4859

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