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Re: Ops wanted in VK and ZL. :-)

>From: Tony Langdon <tlang@freeway.apana.org.au>
>To: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
> .......I'm doing a presentation with a quick demo of FM satellite
operation for a
> local radio club (would do SSB if I was 100% setup, but I'll see what I
> manage).  Unlike the US and Europe, the problem we have here is lack of
> operators, last time I worked UO-14, I wound up talking to myself!  (which
> about the same result I've had on RS-13, except for skeds :( )........


Sounds pretty wonderful. After three weeks of trying, I've managed my
first satellite contact - a brief QSO on UO-14 with RA3AET. I've had
no problem tracking the satellite and receiving the downlink, and
understand doppler correction. However, UO-14 is here so busy
that it wasn't until I had some time free during the week, that
I could get even half a chance to "get a word in".

My "station" is nothing more than two handhelds (RL-112 and an IC-04E),
a home built 4 element yagi on 2 metres, and a home built 3 element quad
on 70 cm (good ol' ARRL handbook stuff).

The contact was such fun that I've since listened for RS-13, and
had no trouble copying it with only a 10m wire dipole. I even
tried hooking my key to the PTT line of my 2m handheld, but the
turn time limits CW to about  4 wpm (and it "chirps"
most embarassingly)

I do have a question about the Arrow antennas that are so popular.
The only picture I've ever seen of this beam seemed to show  2m
and 70cm yagis mounted on the same boom, but at right angles to
each other. Is this true? Does this have a performance advantage? Or
is it done to make the antenna easier to handle? Both my antennas
(linear polarisation) are in the same plane (but not on the same boom)
and thus are very difficult to rotate as the signal fades.

Sil - PA3HIL

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