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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

Hi Jon and the group,

At 01:47 PM 8/31/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>Enlighten me.  Why don't we have a Fast Scan ATV satellite?  That would be
>cool!  Much more interesting than talking to the same old farts in one's
>local area.  Too much bandwidth?  Power requirements too severe?  Inquiring
>minds want to know!

How big of disk do you want on the ground to receive the signal and how big and
how much power are you willing to send up to the satellite?

We could put a FM ATV signal on the up coming "Non-AMSAT" OS-II satellite.

We will have video cameras on board and could pipe the signal down on 
S-Band.  The hardware would cost us about $5,000 extra. The problem is the 
transmitter we are looking at will draw 56 watts of DC, the 10 watt draws 
84 watts
dc and a 20 watt draws 140 watts dc.  As you can expect, we could not run them
for very long and maybe only be able to run it once a month.

We will have a S-band 153 kbps downlink but I have not decided what the
output power will be yet.  If we fly a 5 watt transmitter it might be able 
to be
received by what most people have on S-Band now but we will not be able to 
have it on that often.  If we fly a 2 watt transmitter we may be able to 
have it
on more often but it will require a bigger antenna on the ground.

73, Randy N7SFI

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