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Re: FO-20

At 02:26 PM 8/31/2000 -0500, David M. Tipton, PhD wrote:
>Anybody hear me this afternoon on FO-20?  I finally was able to hear my 
>downlink, but after calling CQ for what seemed an eternity, noone came back.

Like I have said,  Why do we need more SSB LEO's. The ones we have are
not that used!

I heard N9JWO and worked K4AWB on the August 31, 2000 19:16 UTC pass.
I may have heard others trying to "find themselves" and heard at least 1
FM simplex signal on that pass.  I bet there are more FM simplex QSO in the
bandpass than SSB satellite QSO's during the workday passes of FO-20.

73, Randy N7SFI

Still looking for DE on FO-20 and DE and GA on FO-29.

I still am looking for contacts with:

DN92,  EM46, EM72, EM91, EN48, EN58, EN67, FM04 and FM13

on any satellite.
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