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Re: Re: Discovery Project: Which Mission Next?

DISCLAIMER:  These ARE the rantings and ravings of a AMSAT member and do not
express any opinions of AMSAT as an
organization. These are my own rantings and ravings, so please fire the flames
at me, not AMSAT. But if you have ideas to
share,please post them to the amsat-bb remailer. Thanks!!



Jon Ogden wrote:
>>The original poster had proposed AMSAT spend basically a fortune to put some
hardware on the moon and then limit it to >>broadcasting telemetry for
educational use. If AMSAT were to spend the money I give them on a project like
that, then I'd >>resign my membership in a heartbeat.

This was not what I had in mind as a suggestion. Here's a snippet from my
original message:

>There has been talk of landing a rover that could be remote-controlled on the
moon about a year
>ago. There was even recently a hint of doing a space-based telescope that would
orbit the moon.
>What about a moon-based repeater system?

I was only making suggestions based on ideas that I had seen a mention or hint
of being possilbly done. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly I think
Laura Holiday has been working with a group in Toronto that is planning a
telescope satellite and Amateur Radio is to be part of it..

( Laura, Please correct this if I am wrong, going by memory here and everyone
knows how that works...<G> )

>>It's fine to have demos for kids, but if we are going to spend money on stuff
then let's make it available to everyone, adults ncluded.

>>I see through the pipe just fine.


My initial message was ment to see what everyone thought of doing something like
these missions and second to generate ideas that might work or not. I didn't
mean to get thinks started about the worth of education or SAREX or how many
students get the radio bug.

In my opinion, WE, that is AMSAT, DOES NOT have to go beyond the moon. I don't
think there are many amateurs that have the equipment to go that much further
anyways right now.

Here's one idea that I have been thinking of while reading the posted replies:

How about putting either a PACSAT setup i.e. AO-16 or a linear transponder setup
i.e. FO-29 on a lander that could be used to send back telemetry for the
duration of the mission. During the mission, there could be schedules set-up for
opening the equipment to amateur useage i.e. AO-27. When the mission is done,
the equipment could be setup to be used by the average amatuer satellite user
with telemetry being sent back from the experiments within the Whole Orbit Data
(would that change to Whole Moon Data (WMD)? ) telemetry.

As for students, I have done a demonstration each year for the past three at a
local elementry school's sixth grade class and have enjoyed doing them. Each
class has suprised me each year with what knowledge they have and comprehension
of what I have talked about. Shoot, they even ask me questions that I thought I
prepared for, but wasn't. Had to find the info and comeback in a week or so to
follow-up on it....:)  They may not get there license anytime soon or never, but
the interest and knowledge they have is what I enjoy to see the most.

On a personal note:  I DON'T want any more FM LEO's!!! I get more of a
excitement out of trying to recieve a signal and understanding/decoding it with
what I have either on hand presently or have put together in my own basement.
This is why I brought this up as a possible idea for discussion and why I think
that we have personally done almost everything possible LOCALLY i.e. Low Earth
Orbit except for one thing and that would be Fast-Scan ATV. But on that note, I
understand why we haven't yet.

James KD4DLA

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